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An Instutite of Global Education, open-to-all, free, distance learning, nature-connected study, grant, scholarship and loan program. The Institute supports healing and therapy courses, degrees and jobs that help us improve our personal and global health and wellness.

Based on the book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature  



Organic Well-Being for Self, Society and the Environment

Affordable, nature-connected counseling, education, psychology healing and self-help online.


Organics work with nature instead of against it.

Organic Psychology is an enabling tool that helps us create thoughtful sensory moments in natural areas. In them, the perfections of nature's grace, balance and restorative power help us improve our intelligence, relationships and spirit.


"Our greatest problems result from the difference between how we think and how nature works."

- Gregory Bateson




Or-gan-ic .Psy-chol-o-gy :

1. A nature-connected thinking and relating process. An sensory tool that helps us safely make conscious contact with natural systems that flow through ourselves and the environment.

2. A social technology that enables us to add nature's grace, balance and restorative powers to our personal and professional relationships.

3. A peaceful, natural attraction-based art and science that can be added to any endeavor. This unifying process helps us think, feel and interact while in conscious sensory contact with the self-correcting and purifying flow of natural systems within and about us.



"The science of Organic Psychology helps us thoughtfully recycle the detrimental ways we think and feel. It enables us to beneficially interlace our thinking with nature and help its recycling powers compost into fertile thoughts the garbage that destructive aspects of society have dumped into our mind.

Once restored, the intelligence of our psyche effectively repairs the damage we have inflicted on each other and the land.

Thinking and feeling with nature gives us the ability to transform the destructive hurt from our natural systems disconnection into constructive relationships. Through this process we immunize ourselves to the callings of irresponsible choices.

Our destiny depends upon us using Organic Psychology as tool to expand our consciousness and strengthen our love for the whole of life."

- Michael J. Cohen


"Radical? My organics dictionary defines a radical as the leading-edge growing tip of a root."

- Raymond Sierra


Anyone who has enjoyed a good experience with nature --backcountry, backyard or with their pet, or with the wind, sea or stars-- knows nature's potential for increasing our peace of mind and our reverence for all of life.

We suffer our great dysfunctions and stress because over 99 percent of our thinking is disconnected from the equilibrium powers of nature within and around us.

Through Organic Psychology, one simple, online nature-connecting course enables us to add the recycling ways of nature to our thinking and relationships. This gives us the much needed ability to make non-polluting environmental and social conscience part of our every endeavor.

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NOTE: 2011 updates of these pages are available through our homepage


1. Completely Subsidized, Distance Learning, Courses, Degrees, Jobs and Certification Programs in Organic Psychology

Free: University Distance Learning Training and Degrees in Organic Psychology This press release describes the two to eight-month program that includes your prior learning and life experience.

The Organic Psychology Distance Learning Track at Project NatureConnect: program details.

Organic Guides: the Organic Psychology Career and Job Program. Facilitators teach the skills of Organic Psychology to interested groups or organizations.

Why Organic Psychology? Announcements available that describe the process.


2. Financial Assistance

Grants and Scholarships for Self-Improvement, Professional Training or Degrees in Organic Psychology

Grant Program open to all: This overview describes financial assistance for those who want to learn how to use or teach a nature-connecting tool to help themselves and others increase personal and global sanity via training, courses, degrees, books.

Grant Application Form and information links

Training Program Descriptions


3. A Journal of Articles and Links

The Journal of Organic Psychology Enabling articles and links that support the well-being of self, society and nature. Submissions welcome.


4. Learn About The Distance Learning Organic Psychology of the Natural Systems Thinking Process

Increase environmentally sound personal and professional growth through subsidized, online training courses, books and degrees. Thoughtfully enjoy the benefits of wholeness by learning to genuinely connect your mind and spirit with the restorative balance, grace and healing powers of nature. 

Overview and benefits

Organic Psychology Training Book

Origins and a Brief History of the training program.


5. Field Study Results that Demonstrate the Process and Value of Connecting our Thoughts and Feelings with Natural Systems: recent additions to the Index of Course Activity Outcome Reports

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Feeling Good in Nature: Graceful Words of Comfort Glow from Connection
In Balance With Earth: The Life Spirit of Obtaining Consent or Permission to Visit a Natural Area
The Reduction of Insanity: Opening my Mind to Nature's Magic, Mystery and Fulfillment
Thankfulness for Brain Surgery Success and My Husband's Continued Employment

Discovering the Strength We All Share
Building Trust Outdoors Helps Natural Therapy Training for Life Coaching
Grandmother Earth Shares Spontaneous Laughing Energies With Me.
Natural Intelligence: The Heart Responds to Nature's Peace.
Happiness is My Authentic Self Having A Peaceful Mind Experience When I'm In My Nature Connected Human Body: Who I Am Rather than Who Am I.

Finding My True Self: The Serenity of Unconditional Love in Nature Dissolves Negative Space
My Mood Disorder Dissolves as I feel like Nature can feel and love.





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Readily available, online, natural science tools
for the health of person, planet and spirit
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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.